Parenting — March 20, 2017 at 1:00 am

Thinking of Purchasing Breast Milk Off the Net? Think Twice


Breast-feeding your baby is the most natural and healthy way to go if you are looking to ensure your baby’s health. Breast milk is equipped with all of the nutrients that infants need in order to develop healthy and strong. Many mothers, however, find that when the time finally comes to breastfeed, their milk supply comes up short. Centuries of this sort of shortage of milk in women have made the idea of sharing breast milk possible. While years ago, women relied on nurses that they knew personally to supply the milk nowadays many women are browsing the Internet to purchase some breast milk. Is this the safest way to ensure your child receives breast milk? We’ve got the answer you’re looking for.

Many women have scoured the web, finding women in other states and even countries to supply them with breast milk, but just how safe is this milk? Many studies have been done on milk purchased over the web and the results were not as promising as we had hoped. Much of the milk purchased from reputable online sources were found to be contaminated with various bacteria’s such as E. Coli and Strep. Some were even found with Salmonella. The problem with ordering milk online is that you do not know enough about the woman on the other end to ensure complete safety. Being cautious is the greatest weapon a mother has against providing her baby with contaminated breast milk.

Although many doctors praise the idea of breast milk and breast-feeding, in this case the bacterial contaminations outweigh any of the benefits. It is far more dangerous to expose your infant child with an already weaker immune system to dangerous bacteria. Any positives you had in mind with breastfeeding would be completely diminished by the negative effects. The best step that you can take as a mother is to try and amp up your own breast milk production. Although it may be tough in the beginning, there are many foods that help to increase the production of breast milk. Speaking with a lactation consultant can help you ease any worries and help you get into the idea of breast-feeding. If that does not seem to be as successful as you hoped, feeding your baby formula would still be your next safest bet.

When it comes to the health of your infant, being too cautious and staying on top of situations is always the way to go!

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