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Fashion: Pregnancy Style


Fashion rules and styles can seem completely confusing and challenging to a first time mommy. Many women often hesitate when it comes to their wardrobe during pregnancy, as they begin to find that usually after the first trimester hardly anything fits the same way it used. Having your pre-pregnancy jeans no longer fit is no reason to freak out! Figuring out how to dress for your pregnancy while incorporating your personal style and body type can at times be challenging. Shopping for clothes that are marked for strictly maternity can also feel like a waste of big bucks since you’ll only be wearing them for a few months. We’ve got some awesome tips on how to dress up or down during your pregnancy while saving big bucks and keeping your chic style.

The more pregnant you become the more thankful you’ll be for any sort of pants with an elastic band. This means that a good pair of leggings will become your new favorite staple item. Invest in a nice pair that you can wear with almost anything, choosing to dress them up or down. Pair your leggings with a gorgeous flowy top on a casual day, or dress them up with a regular dress that rides up a bit higher now because of that beautiful baby bump. Do you have sisters, cousins, or friends that have recently had babies as well? Or just happened to save their own maternity wear? Asking for hand-me-downs is another great way to save big and not worry as much. If you’ve got some of your own staple pieces and you both are pregnant at the same time you can opt for swap different outfits for different weeks! The possibilities are endless!

Putting your money toward a few good staple pieces is also a great plan of action. There’s no need to run to the maternity store to do this either. Head into one of your favorite clothing stores to shop in and pick up a few items that are larger than you would normally wear. We suggest grabbing a few large t-shirts, sweaters, and pretty dresses if you’d like! When it comes to shoes we will always hail the flats! There is nothing that is better for big swollen feet and ankles than a nice flat shoe. Skipping out on wearing those heels for a while might be a bummer but it will definitely spare your feet a lot of unnecessary pain and torture!


  1. Caitlin

    I love big t-shirts and leggings! I always steal some of my husbands 😀

  2. Keira

    heels while pregnant=not happy feet lol. never again! loved these tips! 🙂

  3. Maya

    My sis just gave me her hand me downs and they fit perfectly. I will def pass these down to someone I know expecting too

  4. Grace

    Brilliant idea for swap outfits. Luckily my best friend is preggo as well so we love to switch it up

  5. Robyn

    Glad that just cause I’m expecting I don’t have to lose my sense of style!

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