Parenting — March 15, 2017 at 7:27 am

Baby Halloween Costume Ideas


Halloween is approaching, and if you and your partner plus one are looking to dress up this year is the perfect year to get creative! If you have a brand new family member this year, who is old enough to be out and about for the trick or treating fun then you’re going to want to dress them up in something absolutely adorable that will have the neighbors fawning! We’ve got some great ideas for baby dress up fun that are simple to recreate and just too adorable to pass up on!

Our first absolutely favorite suggestion is a little Hershey’s kiss! How cute would your bundle of sweetness look as a little chocolate kiss?! The costume is almost too easy to recreate! While you could go out and purchase an official costume that is already made, you could also go the DIY route and dress your little one in an all silver outfit. Purchase a silver hat and make your own Hershey’s kiss flag on a white sheet with a blue pencil!

Another absolute favorite? A little baby pumpkin! How appropriate for the fall holiday, wouldn’t you say? Dressing up baby as a pumpkin in DIY fashion is quite simple as well. Put together an all orange outfit with a little green hat to complete the look! You’ll have an absolutely joyful familial time this Halloween with your new little one sharing in the fun fall festivities!


  1. ally

    i love dressing them up in food costumes, nothing’s cuter than a giant baby fruit!! hehe

  2. jennifer

    absolutely adorable ideas!!!

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